POEM: Old Jack Smith


I wrote this poem when I was around 12 years old. We were learning about epitaphs in English lessons - and we had to create one. An epitaph is a short poem that celebrates the life of someone who has recently died.

It popped into my head earlier today - so I added an illustration to it - and thought I'd share it with you below. Perhaps you could write an epitaph to an imaginary character too and share it in the comment section below.


Old Jack Smith 

One cold night

When it was quiet

Off popped old Jack Smith

He was a tailor, a thief and a sailor

But for it to come to this

He died when he was asleep

He was so unpopular

That nobody weeped

Nobody knows the exact time his head fell

But the villagers wished him a nice time in hell

©Antoinette Brooks

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