About Me


Hello and Welcome!

Hi - I'm Miss Brooks - but of course you can just call me Antoinette...

I'm a storyteller, poet and illustrator who lives in wonderfully historic London. 

I am passionate about poetry, storytelling and encouraging children to use their creativity to tell their own stories.

My stories are often inspired by the tales my mother told me as a child about her childhood in rural Jamaica, my books have been described as uplifting, warm and positive - with the ability to deal sensitively with big subjects too.

My poetry and stories are written with a great deal of love and compassion in my heart. Parents tell me how much both they and their children love the warmth and sense of joy found in my writing. I hope you find something here to inspire you!

With love,

Antoinette Brooks xxx



Grandma Grandma Brave and Tall

Grandma Grandma Brave and Tall is a vibrantly illustrated picture book that celebrates the unbreakable love between grandmother and grandchildren from one generation to another.

Starting in England, with a little girl tucked up in bed, this captivating rhyming book travels back in time to life in the Caribbean, and then back again through history. A monument to love experienced within a family from one generation to the next.