Why Six-Year-Old Oscar is Climbing Britain's 12 Highest Mountains

Oscar Burrows climbing mountain


When Oscar's sister was ill he saw what a difference a lovely break could make, so he came up with a plan to raise money to help other children who were poorly too. Six-year-old Oscar decided to climb a mountain - and that's how he became an Inspirational Kid.

Six year old Oscar wanted to climb Mount Everest. He was hoping to raise money to help sick children have a nice holiday. He had learned about Edmund Hilary at school who was the first westerner to reach the summit of Everest. Oscar decided that he wanted to be the youngest to achieve the same feat.

But Mount Everest is in Nepal, over 4,500 miles from where Oscar and his family live. His parents pointed out that that would be a long way to travel, especially when he had school to go to, so Oscar and his dad sat down and worked out a different plan.

Now Oscar is travelling around Britain and climbing the 12 highest mountains in the United Kingdom instead.

So far Oscar has climbed five mountains including one called The Old Man of Coniston. His family join him too, including his little sister who is only three years old.

One of the mountains was so windy that Oscar's father and grandfather had to keep hold of him. On another walk alot of hailstones fell on Oscar and his friend Ollie who had joined him.

So far Oscar has raised over £1500 and wants to raise £8,849 as Mount Everest is 8,849 metres high.

"The walks don't scare me," says Oscar, "but sometimes my fingers get abit cold. I want to raise alot of money to help the children who aren't well."

Have you ever tried to raise money for a good cause? What did you do and how did it go? Let us know in the comments below.


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