Poetry | Sonnet about Pain

Thought I'd write a sonnet about Pain.  This flare-up was triggered by this incident which you can read about here.

Black girl Illustration of girl in pain -© Antoinette Brooks

Some days ascending, rattling hard the door
Seeking ways to disrupt, hurt and explore
 Gird up oneself against its strong asssault
Though body, heart, emotions left distraught
Long feel those days when bones are deep-smashed pushed
joints pulled from sockets, cruelly, left red-bare
Thankful for briefest moments of relief
Your hand touch calms, your presence comforts near
Who threw that sharpened glass across the floor?
Why does each step tear at my flesh once more?
From youngest age, from early memory
This fight leaves scars and heart battle-weary
        Birdsong, art's joy, your love helps me transcend
        Til peak subsides and slow its edge descends


Fingers forget their reason, lose their grip


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