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Have you ever wanted to write a personal poem about somebody you know? In this poem, Portrait of Julie, I asked questions about childhood, what motivated her, what were her most important and happiest moments. 

The result was this poem, which celebrated Julie's love of wide-open spaces which originated in her love of the Staffordshire countryside.

Portrait of Julie

Freedom-dancer, dog-wanderer. Sharp witted and
mischievous. Half-rimmed glasses framing her clever grin.
With Sam, she is a countryside-roamer,
Staffordshire-field fancier, spiritual-learner.
School days she sits, unengaged at desk,
soft-cream bloused and
uniformly-bound. An unboxed
open-wided thinker. At heart she remains
a day-dream lover of vast landscaped spaces
A wonder of nature thinker
and evening-time fresh-air drinker.


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