Activities | Nathan and the Tiny Dinosaur

Dinosaurs! Who doesn't love a dinosaur... wandering around in the distant past, letting out their almighty roars...

Join me with our new Story Activity Pack as we see what happens when Nathan discovers a dinosaur in his backgarden!

This story activity pack contains all our regular favourites!  Instead of a story though, we have a poem where Nathan finds a small but determined dinosaur in his backyard.

Get your Nathan and the Tiny Dinosaur Atory Activity Pack here!

Get your free downloadable worksheet here!

Your child will love this simple rhyming poem where the dinosaur and Nathan get to know each other and their likes and dislikes - but what will happen when Nathan's dad offers their new guest chicken and rice? The answer will delight and surprise you!

This activity pack contains a complete poem about Nathan and the Tiny Dinosaur, plus a simple crossword puzzle, wordsearches about dinsoaurs, with fun writing frame so your little one can create their own story, plus writing prompts so they can create their own adventures with a tiny dinosaur friend of their own!


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