Copy of About Me


Hello and Welcome!

Hi - I'm Miss Brooks - but of course you can just call me Antoinette...

I'm a storyteller, poet and illustrator who lives in  wonderfully historic London. 

My work is inspired by storytelling, nostalgia and a strong sense of narrative. Most of my illustrations suggest some type of story - and this is reinforced by the stories that I actually write and the tales that I love to share.

I love creating art that is full of vibrancy and colour. I create my work using mixed media - so I combine acrylics, pastels, charcoals, inks and more! I think there are far too many ways of exploring art to stick to just one medium! 

I am also passionate about creating and sharing stories. As a child, I was often chosen to tell stories at the end of the school day. In those days, my stories were primarily about pretty princesses or runaway orphans - but now my stories often focus on the brilliant resilience of women and girls.

Over the years I was inspired by the stories I heard from my childhood. Our lives revolved around stories from my mother's Caribbean childhood, attending church on Sunday wearing our special wide-brimmed hats, and listening to my mother, my aunt and their friends reminisce about life "back home" as they called it.

I wanted to take these stories of ourselves, our mothers and grandmothers, and transform it into beautiful living art. 

This is especially important to me , because growing up I rarely saw anyone who looked like me reflected in art. When I bought simple gifts, such as mugs or journals, I didn't see myself reflected on it in anyway. So now I have transformed my artwork into greeting cards, bags and more - so it's a both a way to beautify your home, and live a more inspired life too!

If you want to know more about me, please browse through my Blog (though I must confess I am a rather inconsisent blogger!) And if you want to see the range of goodies we have on offer, then please take a look at my small and growing shop!


Thanks so much for reading - I truly hope you find something to inspire you!




Antoinette Faith Brooks xxx